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For the love of pod

I love podcasts.  Whenever I find someone else who's a fan it seems like we've hit on some secret club that we're both part of.  

I think it's the term 'podcast' which puts people off, but really podcasts are simply radio programmes which you can download and listen to whenever you want: in the car, on your commute, when out for a walk, at the gym or just instead of the radio.  You can download them onto your phone or computer using most streaming services, listen to them directly via your computer and there are Podcast apps on most smartphones.  When you've found one you like you can subscribe to it, so your favourites will appear ready to listen to whenever a new one is created.  I've listed my favourites below - including the one which got me obsessed in the first place.  If you don't listen to podcasts already, do please give them a go.

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