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Woman in Progress: Alexandra Wood, Savile Row Tailor

Our Woman in Progress today is Alexandra Wood, one of the first female tailors on Saville Row.  Alexandra works from Saville Row and showrooms in Shoreditch and Bishop's Stortford and also has an online shop featuring her ready-to-wear collection.  Her beautiful work has been featured on celebrity clients and in magazines such as GQ.  She is well known for her style advice for the discerning suit wearer but today has a different, but no less special, advice for you here.  Thank you Alex for taking time to answer our questions. 

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Woman in Progress: Jo Smith & Chloe Webb of Smith Webb

Continuing our series of posts from brilliant Women in Progress, today we introduce the duo of women behind the amazing brand Smith Webb: Jo Smith and Chloe Webb.  We have been fans for a while so feel extra lucky to feature them.  If you don't know about them, we urge you to take a look!  Thank you both for taking time to give us an insight into you, your brand and campaign.  

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Me and my slogan T's

"Why don't you wear dresses more mummy?" Erm, because my uniform is jeans and a T-shirt.  The slogan T party may have started years ago but it's still going strong and wearing a slogan T shirt is my way of maintaining the status quo whilst revealing just a little of my personality.

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