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Finding my 'thing'

Finding my thing: exercise, weight training specifically and how it isn’t just about my body or even my mood (though positive changes are a welcome bonus).  It’s about having something that is mine.  Something I do entirely for me, and my own enjoyment. The motivation for a different dress size is not the driving force anymore, I am.  I’m pushing myself and excited to see what I can do.  

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Why everyone blogs about blogging - but should we?

Nicky and I are new to blogging.  We didn’t even (whisper it) really read blogs before we started our own.  One of the things I’ve noticed though, in various Facebook groups that we’re now part of, and internet searches that I’ve done when I really should have been sorting out the washing, is how many bloggers blog about blogging.    But why, and should you?  Isn't it all a bit dull?

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