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Woman in Progress: Vicky Graham of Vicky's Donuts

This week’s Woman in Progress is a shot of pure sugar-filled joy, Vicky Graham of Vicky’s Donuts. I met Vicky in my sweet-making days, when she was my neighbour at a BBC Good Food Show where she sold out every day in just a couple of hours - it was clear then that her delicious donuts were going to prove massively popular - and they really have. Vicky’s Donuts were rated ‘best taste’ donuts by Time Out, have appeared on a episode of The Apprentice, and she’s even made dino and whale donuts for The Natural History Museum. We’re thrilled she’s agreed to answer our questions this week.

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Woman in Progress: Katie Underwood

This week’s Woman in Progress is someone we haven’t yet met in real life, but pretty much stalk anyway as we’re always following in her wake around the loveliness of Cambridge as seen on her Instagram feed. Katie Underwood is, in her own words, a food lover and restaurant professional, now carving out her own path in the industry around her 3 kids, with her PR and social media business. And the access she has to Steak & Honour burgers…not that we’re jealous or anything. Her interview is such a great one - do check it out!

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Woman in Progress: Becky aka Lady Bakewell-Park

It might have been a while, but our desire to tell stories of fellow women in progress hasn’t stopped, and we’re finally back to it. We’re really chuffed that this week’s Woman in Progress is Lady Bakewell-Park, also known as Becky, who we’ve been following on Instagram for ages now for her joyful, witty, and delicious biscuits. Her interview is a belter.

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Is it ok to just ‘not’ for a while?

Is it ok to just ‘not’ for a while?

We’ve been quiet of late.  If ‘of late’ can reasonably be translated as more than six months and not just a few weeks.  The blog has gone un-updated.  Our Instagram feed stayed silent.  

To be fair, no one has noticed.  And that’s eased our mild guilt about it.  But really there’s been no room for it.  It hasn’t been the right time.  So we’ve just not done it.  Not said anything.  Not pointed it out.  Just ‘not’.

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Woman in Progress: Sara Delaney from Notes from a Stylist

We're so excited for this week's Woman in Progress, Sara Delaney.  Sara is a fashion stylist and blogger who first came onto our radar when we did an Instagram course together (not that Sara needed it!).  Since then her blog, Notes from a Stylist, has become a bit of an addiction for us - not always feeling the most fashionable ourselves, style is something that we can at least aspire to.  Sara's blog is gorgeously written, accessible and full of style tips and advice, as well as food, travel and tips for those with kids and teens.  Thank you Sara for answering our questions!  

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WIP Cocktail Club: a Winter Negroni perfect for Valentine's Day
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I want to stay in
And drink negronis with you.

To be fair, this cocktail is equally good on any other day, but it's a great one for Valentine's evening - or a night with friends instead.  It takes moments to make, and is gloriously warming and, undeniably, strong.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Woman in Progress: Sidonie Warren from Papersmiths and Two Palms

At the latest count, I think I owned approximately 493 notebooks, with which I will, I'm sure, construct my plans to eventually conquer the world.  My stationery habit has been mentioned before, and it's given free reign to go crazy in the business of this week's Woman in Progress, Sidonie Warren.  Sidonie founded Papersmiths, home of beautiful stationery, in 2012.  We've been huge fans of Papersmiths for a while, and are thrilled that not only has Sidonie agreed to be our Woman in Progress, but also that she's now launching a new business, Two Palms, selling homewares and 'goods for the soul'.  I feel some spending coming on...

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Woman in Progress: Laetitia Maklouf

Our final Woman in Progress of 2017 is the wonderful Laetitia Maklouf.  Laetitia's funny and informative Instagram feed (a nearly impossible combo to get right) is where we first 'met' and we've been hooked ever since.  Whether you're a keen gardener or just starting out, her newsletter is one of our favourite emails of the week and a real motivation to achieve a bit of gardening every week.  Sign up to it here.  

We're thrilled that Laetitia's taken the time to answer our questions.

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Christmas Food Rituals and the Ambassador's Rocky Road

Christmas for me, is all about the food.

Yes it’s about the real meaning of Christmas (whatever that might be to you), it’s about the magic of it all for children, it's celebrating and laughing with family, and the John Lewis advert, but it’s also, very much so, about food.

Here are some of my favourite Christmas food rituals, and a very special new recipe for rocky road that could be served at even an ambassador's party...

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WIP Cocktail Club: Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

In my former life, I was a bit of a salted caramel expert, and whilst making A LOT of them over the last couple of years has dimmed my love of the chewy kind, I still seek it out in most other incarnations (the exception being crisps).  At this time of year (and most others too), an espresso martini is always a winner, and this recipe makes it all the more seasonally special with the addition of, the admittedly ubiquitous, salted caramel.  

My first homemade espresso martini used the recipe from Nigella’s Christmas cookbook, and this version is a complete homage to that - tweaked to capture Salted Caramel in all its glory.

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Woman in Progress: Stacey O'Gorman

Stacey O'Gorman, co-founder of Meringue Girls, food stylist, recipe writer, author and now yoga teacher, has kindly taken time out from from her adventures to tell us her story in her own words and, of course, answer our questions.  "Be grateful for everything you have and take time to reflect on your achievements.  Above all, be playful and don’t ever take life too seriously!" 

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Woman in Progress: Laura Eperjesi from Laura Eperjesi photography

This week's Woman in Progress is award winning portrait photographer, Laura Eperjesi.  Laura creates timeless images which document family lives, and from experience we know that her photographs and bespoke books are ones to cherish - some of my favourite pictures of my children were taken by her.   Laura found her soulmate at 19 and married him, 33 years ago, and they share three beautiful daughters.  They've also had the chance to live and work in France, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and Hungary whilst bringing up their family, and are now based in The Cotswolds and London.   Thanks so much to Laura for taking the time to answer our questions.

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WIP Cocktail Club: a spooky spritzer for Halloween

I love Halloween.  It's something about the kitsch, fake spookiness and the excuse for a party.  And this cocktail, a violet white wine spritzer, is the perfect adult accompaniment to Halloween goings-on.  The good thing about this cocktail is not only is it delicious, but it's also absolutely not restricted to Halloween.  In fact I've had this at my friend Zoe's house in summer and winter and enjoyed it every time, I'm just annoyed with myself for only now requesting the recipe!

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Woman in Progress: Katie Scott, journalist and ex-expat

Our latest Woman in Progress is Katie Scott, journalist and soon-to-be mum of four children under the age of seven.   Katie has just returned to the UK after a four year stint in Hong Kong, and takes on change and upheaval which would leave us completely overwhelmed.  Soon to give birth to her fourth baby, she talks to us about life back in Blighty and what it's like to feel like almost an ex-pat in your own country.  

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Woman in Progress: Liezel Strauss & Kitty Dinshaw from Subject Matter

The fourth in our ongoing series of guest posts from amazing Women in Progress.  This week we meet not one Woman in Progress, but two: Liezel Strauss and Kitty Dinshaw.  Liezel and Kitty are partners at Subject Matter, a fine photography online gallery which makes buying beautiful art easy.    

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Woman in Progress: Jasmine Richards, author

Our second guest Woman in Progress is children's author Jasmine Richards.  Not only is Jas the mum to two ridiculously cute children, but her third novel, Keeper of Myths, comes out this week.  Writing a novel, let alone more than one, let alone getting them published is such an achievement, and quite frankly it makes me a little bit jealous.

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