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There are so many positive character traits to encourage and admire but I value kindness above them all.  Inspired by World Kindness Day, I thought I'd jot a few things down.  If nothing else, today is a prompt and a reminder to go out of your way to be extra kind for one day and see where it goes.

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Pandering a.k.a Picking my battles

When you have a small person who has particular (often irrational) requirements do you stand your ground and watch the situation unravel or pander: go with it whist silently rolling eyes, and save your energy for another time aka pick your battles?  Who cares what you call it, if the end result is the same, they are the same.

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Woman in Progress: Rachael Marsh, Ickle Pickles charity

Our next Woman in Progress, Rachael Marsh, is the co-founder of the Ickle Pickle charity which raises funds to support sick and premature babies by purchasing vital life saving equipment for neonatal units around the country.

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