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Woman in Progress: Jen Wright, Silly Heart

Hi! I’m Jen. I work as a coach and mentor to creative entrepreneurs who want to build their own business in a purposeful, mindful way, and particularly mothers looking to find a better balance between being self employed and the chaos of family life. My focus is on slow, sustainable growth, knowing your worth (a.k.a. charging the right price for your work!), and working in rhythm with your own needs so you can make the most of your energy and productivity, and rest when you need it.

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Reasons to move to the country: #1 Mud glorious mud

This isn't meant to be an exhaustive, nor indeed serious, series on why anyone should move to the country.  And to be honest I could just as easily write one about why people shouldn't move to the country, but I have a blog to fill.  And so here we are.  Reasons to move to the country: #1 Mud glorious mud

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