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Woman in Progress: Ondine Cowley at Nicky Clarke

Before I met Ondine, I’d never really understood the whole idea of being loyal to a particular hairdresser.  They’re all much the same I thought to myself. They aren’t. Ondine Cowley, 3rd Senior Stylist at Nicky Clarke in London and a wedding specialist, has been cutting my hair and telling me exactly what to do (and not to do) with it for years now. She also cuts the hair of celebrities and royals, but I guess she can’t cut my hair everyday... She’s also one of the most open, warm and lovely people you could happen to come across, even if they didn’t have a pair of scissors in their hands! We’re thrilled Ondine’s agreed to be our Woman in Progress this week.

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Woman in Progress: Alexandra Wood, Savile Row Tailor

Our Woman in Progress today is Alexandra Wood, one of the first female tailors on Saville Row.  Alexandra works from Saville Row and showrooms in Shoreditch and Bishop's Stortford and also has an online shop featuring her ready-to-wear collection.  Her beautiful work has been featured on celebrity clients and in magazines such as GQ.  She is well known for her style advice for the discerning suit wearer but today has a different, but no less special, advice for you here.  Thank you Alex for taking time to answer our questions. 

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