I am easily influenced

As I dipped in for a couple of minutes (ahem) on Instagram recently, one of the people I follow, Emily Johnston, was wearing a rather fabulous blazer. It had a cowboy lassoing something on it. She looked fabulous - happy, gorgeous, relatable.

Two seconds later, I’m knee-deep in ASOS menswear (yep) and nabbing myself a cowboy blazer for £24.99. Yeehah.

Reader, she influenced me.

It’s hard to use social media without being influenced

And I don’t think that it’s necessarily a bad thing. Granted, it sounds rather sinister perhaps, or maybe implies that I’m a bit weak-willed. It’s certainly the enemy of minimalism (unless you follow minimalist influencers fo course…). But influence can change opinions, highlight worthy causes, educate you in someway - or just make you want to buy something new that you love that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. And even though we’re calling it something specific now - it’s not really any different from magazines or any other type of advertising (providing any ‘advertising’ is clear of course).

I guess influencing is effective on social media because it’s done with mutual consent. Well, generally at least, I’m not so sure about celebrities endorsing useless weight-loss products to young people on the gram, but that’s whole other topic. It’s like peer pressure, but not so pressuring. I can always unfollow. I can always just not buy. Or sometimes stick it in a virtual basket and still not buy (anyone else love doing this?)

So I enjoy being influenced.

Even if it’s to buy a jacket that has definitely divided opinions. But I love it, and even the nay-sayers can’t influence me against it!

Some of my most influencing influencers include

Katie Jane Hughes @katiejanehughes

For makeup ideas and gorgeous skin. I am about four posts away away from ordering Weleda skin food.

Emily Johnston @emilyjanejohnston

She of the blazer mentioned above, and lots of great fashion for those of us on the double figures side of clothes sizing.

Katie Underwood @mrskunderwoo

One of our recent Women in Progress), I feel myself wandering round Cambridge in Katie’s virtual wake, falling in love with the city all over again - and eating amazingly as a result. If you’re a business paying for Katie to do some of your social media for you - well it definitely works on me (and no she didn’t ask me to say that).

Alongside these guys, a million and one food accounts, and our Women in Progress of course, I also want to mention some of my lovely real life friends, who whilst not having quite as many followers as some of the people above (yet), still have an effect on little old me - @rgpersonalstyling for style, @paperandwhite for interiors of my dreams, @krukesir for new recipes and @acmountaineer for getting me outside more with my kids.

So who are your favourite influencers? Or are you not as easily swayed as me? Although perhaps don’t tell me - I’m not sure my wallet can take it!

Laura x

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