Is it ok to just ‘not’ for a while?

Is it ok to just ‘not’ for a while?

We’ve been quiet of late.  If ‘of late’ can reasonably be translated as more than six months and not just a few weeks.  The blog has gone un-updated.  Our Instagram feed stayed silent.  

To be fair, no one has noticed.  And that’s eased our mild guilt about it.  But really there’s been no room for it.  It hasn’t been the right time.  So we’ve just not done it.  Not said anything.  Not pointed it out.  Just ‘not’.

The last few months have required our focus to be in other things.  Grief, work, and life in general all necessitated our energies be spent elsewhere.

To be clear we’re not asking for permission, nor seeking out a concerned or supportive comment or two.  We’re quite sure that this was the right thing for both of us, for different reasons.  We’re responding to our lives, managing it as we go - making it up as we go along.  And isn’t this the definition of a woman in progress?

So we’re back, no commitments made on how often or anything, but hope that you’ll join us when we do.

With love 

Laura and Nicky

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