WIP Cocktail Club: Love Island Iced Tea

WIP Cocktail Club Love Island iced tea

I’m in dire need of some light-hearted distraction at the moment, so Love Island is where I’m at 9-10pm every night for the foreseeable.  I am not ashamed - it’s just another one to add to the reasons why you can never look at my Sky Planner.  Despite it making me think I’m in dire need of a bikini wax and washboard abs, it’s escapism for an hour a night.  

I got a text!!!

Inspired by ‘memories’ of drinking Long Island Iced tea (which given it’s made of vodka, tequila, rum, gin and cointreau - aren’t very clear memories), by which I mean the cola, I’ve created a suitably buzzin’ cocktail which won’t make you feel like you’ve been mugged off.  It’s a sort of cherry coke. 

Crack on.  

Not being funny but, have a read - I think you’ll agree it’s 100% your type on paper.  

100% my type on paper

100% my type on paper

Love Island Iced Tea

Ingredients (makes one cocktail)

50cl rum (I prefer dark rum)

3 (or more) maraschino cherries

2 tbsp of syrup from the cherries

150-200ml of your preferred ‘cola’


Mix all the ingredients over ice.  Garnish with whatever island get-up you have to hand.  Muggy. 

Crack on mate

Crack on mate