Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's pretty much guaranteed that a lie in with a cup of tea or coffee being served at some much later stage would suffice on Mother's Day (I know it would for me) however, if you want to treat your Mum or Grandmother, aunty or friend who you think of as a Mum, we have come across some lovely things.  

Some of us like to make a massive fuss and others prefer to give something more token, hopefully we've covered the spectrum here.  A bit like the Christmas gift guide, I could be accused of using this post as a brazen list of things I'd like but, being honest, it worked out nicely in my favour last time so, why not?

Gifts for under £25

A Biro (yes we did suggest you buy a biro!)

The message is clear on this one and who doesn't always need a handy pen?  The You're doing great biro is a sweet token and says it all, clear as day, so she doesn't forget.  Holly & Co., £2.

Mexican Fiesta Bar by Creighton's Choclaterie

"Cactus, cayenne & marigold inspired by Frida Kahlo - zingy, warming finish strewn with edible yellow marigold petals. What does a cactus taste like you might ask? Imagine green bananas with a hint of citrus and you're not far off".  Also it's Creighton's chocolate, enough said!  £4.

Mothering Like a Boss Mug

Cups of tea and coffee (and wine) are the fuel of us Mothers so why not find a lovely new mug to mark the Day of the Mama?  Muthadhood Goods, £9.50

Want to spend a bit more?  Gifts from £25 - £100

Posh Totty Designs Mini message Necklace

With three metals to choose from and personalisation a must, these pretty necklaces make for a special gift. £25

A Birchbox subscription

It's great getting post but when it's a beautifully packaged box of beauty treats to dropping through the door, it's extra special. £30 for a three-month subscription.

Theodora Warre Earrings

These Pearl embellished gold plated earrings are pretty, wearable everyday and special at the same time. Matches Fashion, £85 

Pasta Subscription

I'm a massive fan of pasta but not the biggest cooking fan.  What do you give someone like me?  A Pasta subscription!  It's £87.50 so a lot for pasta however, it is for two people and it means not having to remember to buy the ingredients 5 times and also could be an ongoing thank you, "date night" / "cook for mum night" for over a month!  I've persuaded myself I need this.  Pasta Evangelists via Not on the High Street

Blow the budget!  Over £100 

Posh Totty Designs ring making workshop

Yes, we are fans of the Posh Totty gifts and especially this workshop.  Great for the "experience" gift - why not go and learn how to make a ring?  It's £120 but that's for two of you to enjoy the day. 

For Mums in Cambridgeshire

I always enjoy a trip to Burwash Manor.  Normally you can take the children along but on this occasion, when you visit Dragonfly Beauty Spa, leave them at home to really enjoy the time.  If you want to spoil someone, you could buy a voucher or specific treatment for her at this quiet upstairs spot.  While she is being pampered you can potter in the shops and then meet up afterwards for some food at Flock Cafe

From 2017 by my daughter. 

From 2017 by my daughter. 

If all else fails and you don't get round to buying anything, a homemade card from the children, a pretty bunch of spring flowers and a lazy morning together make the most perfect Mother's Day gift we can think of.


Nicky x