Finally it's February!

I've never been a big fan of January 1st, I'm feeling much more love for today, the 1st of February.  There's less pressure.  We are both keeping our resolutions (so far) and perhaps we'll write about some of the things we resolved to do as the year goes on.  Unlike our first two Women in Progress of this year, Sidonie and Caroline, Laura and I kept January for ourselves to get over Christmas, rest, hibernate a little longer and just get back into the swing of things.  Finally, it's February!

With last month being a bit gloomy and the loss of a friend's father, I started to look at what I have to appreciate right now and what I am looking forward to: things to be grateful for and the simple joys of the everyday.  There's more to be thankful for than the grey January allowed me to realise. 

This post is just a list - not exhaustive and nothing extravagant or particularly out of the ordinary.  It's about the things I'm marking as wonderful and that I'm happy to appreciate in the moment, hold onto and look forward to.

Like mindedness

A group of like-minded but very different girls gathered at my house last night.  We shared wine, help-yourself food and chatted late into the night about happiness, contentment and mindfully holding onto moments.  We had read Meik Weiking's Lykke and had all taken passages away as favourites.  Sharing food and community was one of the parts we all loved.  It's a great coffee table book and worth a read.  The book club is yet to be named and will probably remain that way because nobody cares.  I'm glad of the group and the excuse to chat nonsense while sharing food and a drink mid week.   I'm already looking forward to the next book and get together it brings.  

Little person and spring daffs (she merrily emptied most of the books but was happy the entire time).

Little person and spring daffs (she merrily emptied most of the books but was happy the entire time).

A Little Person

No, not a birth announcement!  My sister recently returned to work and my Mum and I are sharing taking care of my niece.  Being honest, I was concerned that it might be a burden but actually it isn't.  This is so different to caring for my own children; it's in limited time slots and I'm so conscious that I need to make that time special, fun and enjoyable for everyone.  

She's a spirited one, which thankfully I'm used to, but she is a lovely little person!  We spend our day together walking (a lot), looking at the ducks and swans, singing silly made up songs revolving round her name, dancing and snuggling her to sleep in the sling I just couldn't part with after my two outgrew it.  Yes it is mundane but nonetheless it is time I am thoroughly enjoying.

A big bunch of spring daffodils

Definitely a simple pleasure.  The bunch has brought sunlight and a bright yellow that winter doesn't allow into our living room - they are beautiful. 

Old Friends

An old friend, who I’ve not seen in ten years or so, pointed it out to me that I was so lucky to have such a strong relationship with my closest friend.  We have shared so many memories and experiences since meeting when we were 11 years old: through university dramas, boys, early career insecurities, getting married and having children - we have four kids between us, a girl each followed by the boys.  Now our children are growing up together and the cycle of friendship continues.  I think without meaning to I take our friendship for granted.  We rely on each other and are so entwined in each other’s lives that I think sometimes we forget how fortunate we really are.  My plan is to make more of a fuss over her, not all the time as that would annoy her but more than I do now. 

Looking forward

In previous years we have flown off for much needed winter sun in February.  Not this year, we're staying put.  Rather than being disappointed (which I was for pretty much all of last month) I've decided to be excited for the things to come.  So far we've booked a family holiday with my sister and her brood in August and even now the calendar is getting busy with days and weekends of fun and travel.  Filling the calendar with days to look forward to is a moment I can enjoy right now (especially the entry that reads "Girls weekend away!").

Darcey and the supermoon 

She was pottering around at midnight last night, creeping into our bed.  The moon was so bright and lit up the garden (there are no street lights where we are).  I took her into the bathroom and her face was magical.  If only I had my camera or phone to hand to capture it; big wide eyes looking up to the velux, her face lit by the blueish, yellow light and framed with her sleepy bed-head curls; she was so excited to see the moon and be up at midnight.  I wish I could share that picture but at the same time I know it is my own special memory, just mine. 

Woman in Progress

We are feeling refreshed and excited to bring more to the blog.  I can't say we're in our stride or in a place where blogging is part of everyday life, but both Laura and I are looking forward to writing more and hopefully bringing a moment for you to enjoy when you read our posts.  That's where you, our lovely readers come in.  What do you want to read about?  Is there something particular you'd like to hear from us?  We've got some great interviews with Women in Progress coming up but want to hear from you.  

Please, give us a list of things, a prompt or an idea - we like writing these posts and want to know what you want.

Nicky x