What I did (vs. what I should have done)

Woman in Progress - What I did vs. What I should have done

This week, like many others, started with order, lists and beautifully written calendar entries.  Sadly, by about Wednesday, it didn't resemble anything but slight disappointment and scribble.  The rest of the week, forget it!

My friend sweetly diagnosed my problem: my “head is in cabbage”.  This is a true lost in translation moment; a pickle became a cabbage... anyway, it stuck.  With my head in cabbage and diary scribbled I face multiple double bookings and sorry cancellation texts.  I try hard but invariably end up with two lists – “to do” and “what I actually did”.

To do

  • Visit school shop and buy uniform
  • Order labels 
  • Sew in labels (more hassle but I'm old fashioned that way)
  • Order food for delivery
  • Library visit for summer holiday reading challenge
  • Gym
  • Write thank you letters
  • Sort / tidy the utility room aka. dumping ground
  • Put away laundry
  • Meet so-and-so for calm play date
  • Write blog post(s) – you have the ideas, get on with it

What I actually did

  • Empty and sort two massive lego boxes into colour coordinated piles and re-build from scratch all the models we own
  • Make snacks (healthy)
  • Re-build sofa and miraculously find missing lego pieces
  • Clear up spillage
  • Print various documents for my mum (who needed them urgently, yesterday)
  • Make snacks (not healthy)
  • Re-build lego item number 1 as the wheels have already been removed and possibly lost
  • Visit library to find the challenge has specific visiting times, cue glaring librarian / sad daughter / bad mummy combo
  • Scooter home via the hungry looking ducks with nothing to feed them
  • Shout
  • Read to do list and head for the cupboard in search of pre-bedtime booze

My kids will thank me (my husband may not) but even ever so slightly harassed I think I prefer the latter of the two lists.

Who needs order, and a general sense of ongoing achievement anyway? 

Nicky x