WIP Cocktail Club: #5 Sloshed Puppie aka Strawberry Frosé Blitz

woman in progress cocktail club frose

I like to think of this as a 'Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the school holidays' type of cocktail.  The end is in sight and, miss them as you will, you definitely deserve a drink.  Perhaps it's spending too much time recently in soft play and cinemas which means I'm inspired, yet again, by the idea of a grown-up Slush Puppie.  I've been wanting to try frosé (frozen rosé) for some time now, and finally got organised enough to make it happen.  A bottle of frozen rosé blitzed up with no added ingredients is also blissful in the sunshine - the recipe below is just extra special.  Cheers!


Serves 6 (or rather makes 6 glasses - hic)

1 bottle of dry rosé
250g fresh strawberries, plus more for garnish (optional)
1 tablespoon caster sugar
110ml gin (I used Bulldog) or vodka if you prefer
50ml Aperol (or grenadine if  you want it sweeter)
Ingredients at the ready.  You'll also need a blender.

Ingredients at the ready.  You'll also need a blender.


There are two schools of thought on the freezing-the-rosé front.  The first is to pour the rosé into ice cube trays and freeze until solid, 8 hours or overnight.  The second to divide into a couple of tupperware containers and do the same.  Apparently in the bottle is a no no.  Go figure.

The next day, or at least 2-4 hours later (I know - organisation required - alternatively just have some rosé permanently frozen in your freezer...) you can begin!

Add the strawberries and sugar to the bowl of a blender and leave them for ten minutes or so, during which time the strawberries will release some of their juices and begin to dissolve the sugar.

Next add the gin/vodka, Aperol/grenadine, and the frozen rosé.  Blend the mixture on high until smooth.

Pour into glasses and garnish with strawberries, or mint, or pretty flowers if you so wish.

I may have tested the frosé in granita form - it was fab

I may have tested the frosé in granita form - it was fab

Cocktail shadows

Cocktail shadows