A Letter to Me

Woman in Progress: A Letter to Me

Dear You

Hello you lovely, spritely young thing – yes you; you with the sparkly eyes, freshly washed hair and jeans that have no stretch – it’s Me – You.

Prompted by a weekend of dancing and feeling young and free, I wanted to write to you.  Once you transition to Mother, things will change.  It isn’t a sad transition or one to fear but the changes are too great to ignore, reject or alter.  Enjoy this time for, cliché or no, life can be too short.  Even when your children are older, don’t need constant watching and you have time again, you will not be the same. 

Not so much advice but a request: please take time and promise to tick off all the things on this list.

  • Learn a skill, not one for your career, something for fun that you can take with you anywhere you go.
  • Travel to wherever you can afford; stay in far off places (or places close by that aren’t home) but look out for anywhere new and explore it.
  • Dance at ridiculous parties and festivals that go on until morning.
  • Love your body and take care of it.  It will work hard for a long time and do truly amazing things.
  • Wear those clothes which aren’t cool or safe but that you love.  Keep these!
  • Love, even if it is scary.
  • Make mistakes – pick yourself up and learn from them.
  • Take photographs (not just selfies please) and capture special moments.
  • Make incredible memories doing all of the above.
  • Write a diary, keep notes, scribble it down.  Not just for you but for those who come later and are curious about this wonderful version of you.
  • Be bold.  Don’t be afraid.

There are other things I could ask you to do but this is enough.  You are enough.  Don’t wait for an exciting life to come to you, go find it.  You are special and deserve so much. 

Love from

Me, the wiser and slightly softer, older You.