Me and my slogan T's

 "Why don't you wear dresses more mummy?" Erm, because my uniform is jeans and a T-shirt.  The slogan T party may have started years ago but it's still going strong and wearing a slogan T shirt is my way of maintaining the status quo whilst revealing just a little of my personality. 

Charity T's

Supporting charities via your purchases is more and more common.  Give charitably, wear great quality clothes and be a walking billboard for said charity all at once - it's brilliant. 


The popular FMLY store established by Supermum blogger @selfishmother is great for organic slogan items plus with each purchase, a portion of the price goes to charity.   My friend and I gave birth to our girls on the same day and treated ourselves to the "since 2010" jumpers to mark the occasion. My husband since added this one to my collection just so I can remember my name! 

More charitable T shirts are available at US based Sevenly.  The mission is that "people matter" and a new charity campaign is featured every 7 days.  You can choose the collection to support and 7% of the purchase price goes to your chosen charity.  Here is the campaign to support those suffering after hurricane Harvey.    

For something pretty and organic try Smith Webb .  

Be kind people!  

It's a simple message with a big heart behind it:  from each adult V neck "Be Kind" T-shirt sold, £5 is donated to anti-bullying charities.  They also make them for your small people - adorable.

Woman In Progress - Me and My Slogan T's

Get the Message?

As a teenager, The Spice Girls were at the top of their game and 'Girl Power' became a phenomenon - this one is a nod to that time.  Girl power has not been lost, it's evolved and has been re-branded; wearing it emblazened across your chest is preferable to the sequin mini dress "zig-a-zig-ah" days.  

Strong female messages abound on T-shirts: "the future is female", "feminist", "equality" - I support wholeheartedly the feeling and quite like the t-shirts too.  


We're rooting for the strong girls club and what it represents.  Mutha.Hood has this brilliant offering which sells out as fast as she can stock it.  I'm all for being strong, raising strong girls (and boys) and wearing it on my chest. 

Woman in Progress Me and my slogan T's




I'm a massive rosé fan!  If you are too, check out the WIP #6 cocktail.  Made by FWP by the French Wine Project, this T-shirt is cotton, a lovely fit and wine focussed - it's perfect and my current favourite!  

Grateful T-Shirt

I got it this one in the gorgeous Padstow store Aloft which could keep you distracted from the pretty seaside town.  The staff are helpful and they have toys and colouring to keep the kids happy.  

The rose gold negative reveals all the grateful vibes.


Woman In Progress - Me Myself and My Slogan T

I've not shopped in Miss Selfridge for a long time but appreciate the comme ci, comme ça T'shirt especially on most days where I'm making it up and nothing is either particularly good or bad.  



My friend brought this one back from Serbia.  Bossy, me, not at all, she knows me so well!  I was excited thinking nobody else would have this one but then we met like T-shirt twins in the playground.

Woman in progress Me and My Slogan T's


Last but not least, I'm hankering after this "mothering like a boss" beauty from A Finer Thread.  Abigail makes these embroidered statements from her studio in Devon.  

On reflection, I'm not sure my T's say much at all about me other than perhaps I need a style revamp! 

Next, possibly a wardrobe clear out. 

Nicky x