Father's Day: the Gift List

It’s safe to say the rigmarole of finding interesting and original gifts for Father's Day (and any other day where "gifts for him" are involved) is something we could do without - it's never easy.  We want to celebrate the day so we’ve been winding through favourite online haunts and discovering some new ones in the process.  Here's what we found, we think they're pretty good. Now which would he like best?


Perfectly personal

LittleFlorenceArt creates gorgeous family prints in two sizes.  It’s a simple process to arrange: you send her details of your family; pictures, information on hobbies, where you live, places you love etc. and she produces beautiful personalised art.  This one will definitely be late for Father’s Day as she has a 4-week lead-time but he won’t mind, the final result will be worth it.


Small essentials

This Carry on Cocktail kit  will be a welcome treat for the frequent flyer or 'has to stay over night with work' type.  Small but perfectly formed, these cocktail kits come in a cool tin (which you'll probably pinch once empty) and won't break the bank.  Cheers!



Bruno Vincent's ‘Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre’  is a great addition to the fashionable and funny hardbacks on the market.  We’ve already bought “How it works: The Dad” and “How it works: The Husband” (both by John Hazleby) so this is a new one for us.  A lightweight treat rather than a proper read, it’s cheery, fun and an inexpensive way to mark the day.



For him (you and the whole family too)


National Trust Membership

It's a lovely gift!  It will benefit him and not in a laborious boring way like buying kitchen equipment you need.  Together you can plan days out, visit places you didn’t even know existed and make wonderful memories.  He will enjoy it for all these reasons (and because he didn’t have to fork out for it).



Fire Pit

There are lots of these around but we especially like this simple, sturdy fire bowl .  You can buy it online or visit The English Listed, a gorgeous interiors shop in St. Ives, Cambridgshire.  Cast iron, outdoor living and fire making all wrapped into one long lasting gift, he’ll love it. 


For the new Dad


We can’t take all the credit for this choice.  If the Dad in mind is a new or expectant one then check out the Waterstones blog recommendations.  Nicky's  brother (first baby due to him and his wife in July) will receive 'The Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 Months' by Neil Sinclair.  It's a bit of fun and some good advice to take in before baby arrives and suggestions from helpful parenting guide books go out the window. 




For the somewhat unimaginative option, which ticks the gadgetry box, the Apple watch is a good but pricey way forward.  It will appeal to those Dads with IPhones and it does all sorts of exciting extra things too, apparently.  The best thing about giving the Apple watch is that it gives to you numerous options for gift days to follow - a brand new strap for each Father’s Day and birthday yet to come!

Why not?


It’s gorgeous and would look lovely in his study, bedroom, anywhere.  Ok, yes, this is a our brazen attempt to get this for ourselves: in the hope of the husbands reading this, they will start a gift list with the blush beauty right at the top.  Please? 

We hope you enjoy Father's Day - watching the kids rip off the wrapping paper while he patiently waits to see what he got.  Let us know in the comments what you decided to buy or how you celebrated.

Nicky & Laura