Internet cul-de-sacs I've been lost down this week

I wouldn’t say I’ve completed the internet but occasionally I come close.  These are some sites I’ve lost potentially profitable hours on this week.


Ah, Anthropologie.  For the life I don’t lead.  Some beautiful earrings appeared this month for much earring-ogling.  See also Baublebar.  

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 

I am not a gardener, though I love a beautiful garden (who doesn’t I suppose).  I went to the Show this week, took a million blurry photos of alliums, bought a hosepipe (it’s not all glamour) and drank some Pimms in the sunshine.  I also attempted going Live on Instagram stories and then didn’t turn it off properly… After the show I looked into RHS membership - if only so I can go again next year 

The London Review of Books 

This article (language caution alert), a brutal review of a book about the awfulness of the Daily Mail and editor Paul Dacre led to a meander around this site this week.  To be fair it’s not somewhere I’d visit every week, I can’t confess to being that intellectual, but the quality of the arguments and writing is nothing but impressive.

Smitten Kitchen

Not a discovery of this week strictly, but a regular internet haunt of mine.  I love Deb Perelman’s site and have done ever since a foodie friend of mine recommended her Southwestern Pulled Brisket to me (this is not a euphemism).  Her writing is wonderful and her recipes more so.  Haven’t done a dud from there.  I can particularly recommend the Homesick Texan Carnitas, Sheet pan chicken tikka and all the cakes.


And finally, one thing I’m trying to do now I have a bit more time on my hands is some writing.  I’ve just started one of the Masterclass courses and can recommend them.  There’s Annie Leibowitz teaching photography, Serena Williams on tennis, Gordon Ramsay on swearing/cooking through to David Mamet on drama.  The trailers alone are fascinating.

Any sites you’ve discovered this week?  Do let us know in the comments