May: a mood board

I like to keep a note of things that catch my eye, that I must remember; images that inspire or just look lovely.  Mainly I scribble lists in multiple notebooks and, to my husband's annoyance, keep scraps of magazines and recipes etc. that rarely end up where they should.  I make Pinterest boards to remind me of things to make, buy, do, eat, wear, dream of, etc.  I never do this.  As a confessional aside: I have more secret than public boards because I fret over the opinions of others who really couldn't care less.  The secret ones are my favourite - maybe it's time to go public?

In an exercise to stop "following" others I'm going to be more confident and share my own mood board for the month ahead. I'm enjoying online shopping since being off my feet hence the pretty items of the wide leg and flat shoe variety.  Laura and I are still building the site so we are looking at fonts, ideas and colour palettes we love.  I have to buy an anniversary gift in leather and remember to spend the old paper fivers.  Hey presto, a mood board!  If it's rubbish I won't bother again and I always have my secret boards.  If I enjoy the process, I might do it next month too.  Who knows?

What's from where?

Anthropologie trainers, I'm in love.  Pink or Lavender I really don't mind.  I'm ordering the & Other Stories Jeans to wear with a pretty Embroidered shirt.  I saw the Rain cloud Sweater and prayed it was for grown ups, sadly it's only for small people but isn't it gorgeous?  My new niece may benefit from the discovery of this gem of a website Moonlight bundles.  Sprinkles put a colourful tick in the "something pretty" box.  Look out for our May Cocktail Club beverage to use up those leftover sprinkles.

I'm not a gardener but I love anemones.  When I've persuaded someone to drive me to the garden centre, I plan to buy some and let the kids plant them.  One to for us all to remember: it's out with the old and in with the new so spend or change the old £5 notes - 5th May is the deadline.

This year marks nine years of marriage for me and Hugh.  If we're to keep to the material / year tradition I should buy something made of pottery or leather.  Whatever I buy, I need to get a move on and Sage Brown is a great place to start even if slightly safe.  Lucky for Hugh this moodboard doubles as my wish list - those trainers above would do just fine, they're leather! 

Until next time,

Nicky x