Woman in Progress Christmas Gift Guide: For Little Ones

We couldn't look ourselves in the mirror if we didn't do what most blogs do at this time of year, and create a gift guide.  Most blogs might get theirs sponsored, but ours is genuinely stuff we like.  If you're even remotely organised then this list is probably way too late, sorry.  If however you're disorganised like me then you may even be thinking you have loads of time.  Let me stop you - sit down - Christmas is 20 days away!  

Father Christmas obviously knows all the best things to bring but in case you don't, here are a few favourites.

National Theatre Play in a Box

For imagination, theatrics and a game for the whole family you need look no further than this.  Bring out your inner director and create a theatrical production.  

You don't have to be a thespian but you do need to give it a try, you never know, you all might be shouting 'Bravo' and 'Encore'!  

Shop around, there are a few stockists all with varying prices. 





An oldie but a goodie.  Spirograph provides endless fun for you and the children and a wonderful sense of pleasure from achieving perfect arcs and patterns with crayons and marker pens.  If I'm asked to choose whether to put up pens or batteries and noise, I choose pens every time. 

There are lots of new versions out there but we still love the original and the kids will too.  

Lottie Dolls

These brilliant dolls have been on the scene for a while but still tick the "great gift" box.  They look like actual children and you can pick outfits to suit the child you're gifting it too.  

The genius of Lottie is that she can so many things: an artist, astronaut, bee keeper, body boarder, fisherman - whatever the child wants.  

Bonus points awarded because there's not a high heel or biologically impossible waist in sight.  The outfits are great too, superhero girl, pyjamas, a brownie - there's a doll and suitable attire to suit most kids.  

These dolls aren't just for girls either so don't be put off.  My son loves to play with the girl dolls and Finn the skateboarding doll too.  





Festive backpack

Bags, suitcases, purses, any vessel really, they all get used heavily in my house.  Generally to ferry random crap from the playroom and dump it in an unexpected place.  Whatever the reason, you can't deny most kids love a bag.  

This one is festive and practical at once, thank you once again Meri Meri for your lovely items.   There's also a reindeer (and a rabbit though not so festive) and little matching pouch too.  

In fact, head over to the website for brilliant festive items (for you and the kids). 




Unicorn Snot

For the young and old and bold alike Unicorn Snot, body glitter in unicorn colours, is a brilliant stocking filler. 

If you fall into the young (or young at heart) category the advice would be "smear it liberally".  For a more subtle look, if there's ever anything subtle about turquoise glitter, just use a dab.

Do you have any excellent gift ideas?  We've all heard the "I got so-and-so the massive remote control space rocket" chat in the playground.  What about more unusual gifts, ones that they'll actually love and play with?  Let me know what you've chosen. 

Nicky x