October Moodboard

Woman in Progress October Moodboard

I can't quite believe October is nearly over and Halloween is on Tuesday.  We don’t make a big fuss in our house but I love to see how others do it.  Here are a few things that have caught my eye. 

Halloween Party

Laura is having a party for the children and has shown me her Halloween milkshakes – apparently they're super easy to make.  However they’re made, they tick the cute and spooky boxes and the kids will go mad for them.  Look out for these and other recipes in an upcoming blog post.

If I were to take an offering to the party it could be with the help of this lovely Sugar Skull cake kit from Meri Meri.  Imagine the fun we could have making cakes on Monday night.  Or, realistically, I could save myself the stress and mess and pop to Tom’s cakes to get the ghoulish treats

Pumpkin picking and carving make for a lot of fun.  We’re close to Sacrewell Farm and they have lots of autumn activities for the whole family including a pumpkin bakeoff.  

As for costumes, my daughter always wants to dress up but as "nothing scary Mummy".  If was little I would so desperately want this gorgeous cape.  Now I just have to persuade Darcey that really she would love to go as Little Red Riding Hood to all future fancy dress parties.  

Nearly that time of year...

If it's the end of October then I'm justified in casting my eye towards the party season to come right?  I’m already gathering little things as stocking fillers or party gifts and these pencils by Sprout from Holly & Co. grabbed my attention.  You can grow a sweet pea or lemon balm or other seedlings when you’re pencil has run out – genius! 

Everyone else may dust off their sparkly heels but I’m still in flats until the wretched ankle is better.  Not a poor me moment - more of an opportunity to add to my collection of flats.  Look at these velvet Zara beauties!  Also, our mood boards always have shoes so why deviate from tradition?

My Maria Tash fixation has become more than just pictures saved from Instagram - I can’t wait to get another piercing (I can hear my husband sighing!).  If money were no object I would have one of these pretty bats to wear just for Tuesday.  Admittedly it's not the massive statement earring I’ve come to love but a statement none-the-less.

The back to school ironing and snack boxes are calling so I'm going to make a Spooky Spritzer to assist me with my tasks - they're delicious. 

Happy Halloween, happy October! 

Nicky x

Image Credits: all sourced from websites as per links.