Blogger Recognition Award



Woman in Progress BloggerRecognitionAward

We were nominated by fellow blogger Latte Lindsay – thank you!  

The idea of this award is to inspire new bloggers, review each other’s work, find new blogs and say well done.  A virtual pat on the back which will prompt us and others to go on to find other new blogs, take advice, give some back and so on.

We have to keep to some rules in order to accept our nomination (we got them from Lindsey) as do the nominees if they want to accept the nomination and award.

The Rules

Write a post about the award

Thank the blogger (that would be us here) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

Write a brief story about how your blog began

Provide two pieces of advice to newbie bloggers (hopefully it will be helpful!)

Select 15 blogs to nominate.  This is hard but persevere, you get to see some great new blogs! 

Comment on the blog of each nominee and provide a link to this post


How we started Woman in Progress

I’d like to say it was a light bulb moment where we discovered our calling but that wouldn’t be true.  Laura had the notion and name.  She and I were in a similar situation – creative, looking to use our brains, ready to be childfree (not lost, they're all at school) and to produce something (that wasn’t sweets or anything so taxing).  We chatted it over and after only a tiny bit of faffing, we got on with it – we bought the domain, said “hello” to Squarespace and we were off -  Woman in Progress was an actual thing!  We found the notion of being a woman in progress resonated with so many others that we felt it was the right thing to do, the right tone and fit for us.  It happens in our kitchens, sometimes together sometimes separately over a lot of coffee.  So far, so good.  Watch this space…

Advice for new bloggers

We’re so new to the game that we’re still learning and trying to absorb advice from others.

1.     Write because you want to – not because you think blogging is an easy, quick route to riches and Internet fame (for the overwhelming majority, it isn’t).  Be real about what you write and write about what you know, anything else will be too laborious and you’ll get tired of it.  Don’t get disheartened.  It’s a bit like applying for multiple jobs and getting nothing in response.  Not everyone has time or energy for your blog.  Someone will, that person will like and comment and build you up and eventually more people will join in.  It will grow so don’t give up!


2.     The bloggy blogging stuff – technical expertise, photography, search engines, advertising, networking, social media - it’s got to be done.  Teach yourself, do an online course, read up on it – it doesn’t matter how but make sure you put as much effort in to the “back stage” side of things because without it, your writing may go unnoticed.  I got lucky and have Laura who is an amazing co-blogger and learnt a lot of it from her previous enterprise.  Together we share the social media workload and have done courses and try to keep on top of things.  Hopefully this will only get easier as time goes on.  Basically, work hard!   


So, we nominate:

New Adventures in Life 

Forever Yung  

Life Through the eyes of a Queen

Learning The Mum Life

Emerald & Onyx 

Girl Meets Woman

Claudia Inspired by World 

Girls Gone Healthy

Dancing In The Rain

Kelly Hall  

The Power of Words and You 

Simply Niki 


Little Miss Jess 

We think what you are doing is great! Go on, share the new blogger love and create your own list of nominees.


Nicky x