Woman in Progress Events

These are very much a work in progress, but we're hoping to put together some events in the New Year.  

Why are we creating them?

We’ve all seen those women who appear to have it all together.  But they don’t really.  No one does.   Woman in Progress events were created from a sense that lots of other women feel just as we do, but there are sparse places to get together face to face and meet other women who are also just making it up as they go along.

We longed to find events that weren’t just business-related networking, something informal, sociable and where we could connect with other women like us.  Somewhere we could have fun, learn something and perhaps drink a cocktail or two. 

We want to bring women together to hear inspirational speakers, take part in fun and creative events and simply meet other women ‘in real life’.  This could be learning how to dance to a Beyoncé classic, deciding what to throw away in your wardrobe, listening to a great speaker or just meeting and supporting your fellow women in progress.

It’s not the WI, it’s the WIP. 

We’d absolutely love for you to join us.

Our upcoming events

Find out more and even book yourself in for one, here

Past events

Eventually there will be some, and you can find out about them here.

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