Reasons to move to the country: #1 Mud glorious mud

This isn't meant to be an exhaustive, nor indeed serious, series on why anyone should move to the country.  And to be honest I could just as easily write one about why people shouldn't move to the country, but I have a blog to fill.  And so here we are.  Reasons to move to the country: #1 Mud glorious mud

A Letter to Me

Hello you lovely, spritely young thing – yes you; you with the sparkly eyes, freshly washed hair and jeans that have no stretch – it’s Me – You.  If only I had received this letter when I was younger... 

Woman in Progress: Bonnie Chung from Miso Tasty

Our next Woman in Progress is the fabulous Bonnie Chung, founder of Miso Tasty, a fast-growing food business whose mission is to make tasty and nutritious Japanese food easy for anybody to make themselves.  Bonnie came up with the idea for Miso Tasty when she was 24, whilst working as a chef, and today their soups, miso pastes and noodle kits are stocked in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Ocado, Wholefoods and so many other places.  Miso Tasty is one of those food start-ups that others look to in admiration (and a bit of envy!).  Bonnie's also recently published her first cookbook.  Not that we're jealous or anything.

Woman in Progress: Katie Scott, journalist and ex-expat

Our latest Woman in Progress is Katie Scott, journalist and soon-to-be mum of four children under the age of seven.   Katie has just returned to the UK after a four year stint in Hong Kong, and takes on change and upheaval which would leave us completely overwhelmed.  Soon to give birth to her fourth baby, she talks to us about life back in Blighty and what it's like to feel like almost an ex-pat in your own country.  

My House Rules

I'm talking about the ones you repeat daily, like a broken record in the hope that some day someone will absorb them...mine are solely for my children, not for display in the downstairs loo. 

9 Summer dinner party recipes to rely on

These are my favourite summer dinner party recipes, three starters, main courses and desserts to help you throw the perfect summer's evening - without too much stress.  All can be prepared in advance, and all adapted to serve a small gathering or a large crowd.  

Slipping through my fingers all the time: my youngest is starting school soon

It’s just three months until my youngest starts school.  And only two weeks until her brothers are off on their school holidays.  At this point, the current set up, of Thursdays and Fridays being ‘just us’ will stop.  Forever.  One element which definitely exacerbates this whole sense of an emptier nest is the fact that I’m also not sure what I’ll do with my extra time once she is in school.  Having recently closed my business, I’m not sure really what I’m should do with myself.   What do I do?  

Woman in Progress: Jasmine Richards, author

Our second guest Woman in Progress is children's author Jasmine Richards.  Not only is Jas the mum to two ridiculously cute children, but her third novel, Keeper of Myths, comes out this week.  Writing a novel, let alone more than one, let alone getting them published is such an achievement, and quite frankly it makes me a little bit jealous.