Slipping through my fingers all the time: my youngest is starting school soon

It’s just three months until my youngest starts school.  And only two weeks until her brothers are off on their school holidays.  At this point, the current set up, of Thursdays and Fridays being ‘just us’ will stop.  Forever.  One element which definitely exacerbates this whole sense of an emptier nest is the fact that I’m also not sure what I’ll do with my extra time once she is in school.  Having recently closed my business, I’m not sure really what I’m should do with myself.   What do I do?  

Woman in Progress: Jasmine Richards, author

Our second guest Woman in Progress is children's author Jasmine Richards.  Not only is Jas the mum to two ridiculously cute children, but her third novel, Keeper of Myths, comes out this week.  Writing a novel, let alone more than one, let alone getting them published is such an achievement, and quite frankly it makes me a little bit jealous.